A downloadable game for Windows

Tile-based puzzle dungeon crawler

Dungeon Crawler Game Jam 2022 Submission by Jon Breedlove and Shane P.

1: Description

Use special runes and a magic map to navigate through 4 levels of increasing difficulty. Along the way make your way past three enemy types, while collecting potions to modify your stats and building energy. Hey, maybe even find those secret rooms that don't show up on the map! 

2: Controls

  • W - Forward / Attack / Interact
  • S - Backward
  • A - Left
  • D - Right
  • Q - Turn Left
  • E - Turn Right
  • F - Open Map (Starts on the second level)
  • ESC - Menu (Resume / Restart Level / Quit Game)

3: Creative Commons Assets


Font used:  VT323 by Google Fonts (cc) 

V 0.1.3 Bugfixes

  • You can now see what room (or the rotation) you are placing on the map.
  • Movement delay from enemy turns reduced.
  • Controls no longer get locked up on enemy turns.
  • The player no longer gets thrown off of grid movement under certain scenarios.
  • Toxic slime damage will now only happens for a few turns (Instead of infinitely).


Derspeccys Dungeon.zip 150 MB

Install instructions

  1. Download File
  2. Unzip
  3. Open with executable
  4. Enjoy?


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Thanks for sharing the new version, I think it is still just a bit slow but it is completely playable and fun now. Are you planning to add more levels?

(1 edit)

Glad it's more palpable now! 

Movement is much faster at this point, perhaps teleport movement would be a nice options toggle?

We have thoughts on refining and expanding into more levels, just need to find some time for it!